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D-MAX SX Space & Dual Cabs, SX & EX Single Cabs Approx 05/2012+ WITH SEAT- FITTED AIR BAGS

    USE THIS CHART TO DETERMINE WHICH SEAT COVER IS REQUIRED FOR YOUR D-MAX from MY12 onwards (approximately 05/2012 onwards) 

PLEASE NOTE: THE SX 4x4 Dual Cab had a change in front seats from MY14 onwards (Late 2013+)

Specifications Model

Part Number

Front Seats

Part Number

Rear Seats

Single Cabs SX & EX IDM122SXABC N/A
Space Cabs SX


or IDM122ABC

Space Cabs  LS, LS-U, LS-M IDM122ABC HC127XC
Dual Cab ALL 4X2 & 4X4 MY12 ONLY (05/201-Late 2013)
Dual Cab  4X4 MY14+ (Late 2013 onwards) SX IDM122ABC IDM127AR
Dual Cab 4X4 and 4X2 LS, LS-U, LS-M IDM122ABC IDM127AR




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