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Seat-fitted side airbags are designed to deploy from the side of the seat backrest to give protection to the seat occupant from impacting with the door and or pillar, they are housed and deploy via several methods as listed below.
  1. Through the stitching in a specially constructed seam (see the images below)

  2. Through a Velcro flap located on the side of the backrest.

  3. Through a large plastic cover which is the cover of the housing for the Airbag.

  4. Various other methods are used please always contact your car dealer to confirm whether or not your vehicle is equiped with seat-fitted side airbags.

Vehicle manufacturers are required by law to dispay if the seats have seat-fitted airbags. Various methods are used -  look for tags or stamps etc on the seats they will use  "AIRBAG" or "SEAT AIRBAG" or "SRS AIRBAG"

Black Duck are one of the few seat cover manufacturers in Australia that have their seat covers tested and Certified that the seat cover does not affect the deployment of the Seat-Fitted Airbag and that the vehicle still maintains compliance to Australian Design Rule 72/00    Very important for insurance and roadworthy compliance purposes. 


Ever wondered what it looks like to see a Seat-Airbag explode? 

Image Showing Seat-Fitted Airbag Plastic Cover Used on Some Seats.
NOTE: The stamp at the bottom of the plastic cover
This image shows how the seat-fitted airbags are indicated on current model Toyota Hilux dated from 07/2015.
The stamp is just by the backrest tilt lever on the seat base.
Only Certified Air Bag Compatible Black Duck™ Canvas Seat covers are to be fitted to vehicles with seat-fitted Side Air Bags.
Air Bag Compatible Seat covers must be returned to the manufacture for repairs if required.
These seat covers are not to be fitted to vehicles other than those specified by the seat cover manufacturer.



Black Duck™ Canvas Products Air Bag Compatible Canvas Seat Covers have been dynamically tested by an approved testing authority and found not to adversely affect the performance of the manufacturers seat fitted side airbag and therefore the safety of the vehicles occupants will not be compromised, providing that the seat covers are fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, and that the seat covers have not been repaired or modified in any way.
As the Manufacturers and sellers of this product have no control over the end use or the fitment to the vehicle, to the extent allowable by law, the Manufacturers and sellers accept no responsibility or liability for any malfunction of the vehicle occupant safety systems including the seat mounted side impact airbag system as a direct or indirect result of the incorrect fitment or unauthorized repair or modification to this product.
The information contained on this page is general in nature and meant as a guide only you should always seek information from a qualified car dealer or mechanic as to what airbags are fitted to your vehicle.