Phone: 0427 046 064  Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.


Did you know Black Duck® SeatCovers are MANUFACTURED IN PERTH W.A. from FABRIC MILLED (WOVEN) in ASYDNEY. 

DRIVER seat ONLY - Black Duck® SeatCovers - suitable for ALL HZJ79 VZJ79 Landcruiser FROM OCT 1999 - 09/2016 do not fit 2017 upgrade.



  • 2-3 DAYS on stocked items.
  • 5-10 days on non stocked items. 


We guarantee you will receive the correct seat cover to fit your vehicle when you fill out our online "Confirmation Form". A link to this form is emailed along with your Tax Invoice immediately after your payment is received.

(Our price incl. GST )
SELECT for CANVAS or 4ELEMENTS fabric and COLOUR. NOTE: Due to Covid-19 Dispatch of orders MAY be 4-6 weeks. (NOTE: DENIM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
AVAILABLE ON CANVAS COVERS ONLY **not** 4ELEMENTS. Select for a REINFORCING PATCH sewn onto the BASE of the front seat(s) cover. NOTE: CUSTOM ORDER these covers cant be returned if you've made a mistake or changed your mind - dispatch 4-6 weeks.
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Black Duck

Custom Fit Black Duck® SeatCovers offer maximum protection for your seats and are suitable for Toyota Landcruiser Utes RV, HZJ79, HZJ79, VDJ79, WORKMATE-GX-GXL, SINGLE CABS & DOUBLE CABS. Miller Canvas is a SPECIALIST leading Online retailer of Black Duck Canvas products, we offer fabric and colour selection, the largest range & the best prices in Australia! Your seat in your 70/79 Series will have the best protection available, backed by Black Ducks 12 mth Black Duck 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Super fast shipping, average 2-3 days Australia wide, via Startrack overnight Air Express (on stocked iems).

Seat Type: Driver Bucket Seat Only  Suitable for All Landcruiser utes from October 1999 - September 2016 not 75 series.

Suitable for: 

  • 79 SERIES HZJ79 LANDCRUISER UTES - 10/1999-02/2007
  • RV 79 SERIES RV HZJ79 LANDCRUISER UTES - 10/1999-02/2007
  • 70 SERIES VDJ79 LANDCRUISER UTES, GX - 03/2007 - 07/2009
  • 70 SERIES VDJ79 LANDCRUISER UTES, GXL - 03/2007+ & ALL GX/GXL 08/2009+ (incl Double Cabs)
  • Not 75 Series
  • All Bucket seat covers are supplied with a map pocket sewn onto the rear of the back cover unless otherwise stated.
  • All Headrests are supplied with covers unless otherwise stated.

Premium Quality Heavy Duty Canvas Seat Covers that Fit Like a Glove!

Why Choose Black Seat Covers?

  • Black Duck have over 25 years of experience as leaders, manufacturing heavy duty canvas seat covers. (Did you know Black Duck started in a small country town in WA manufacturing seat covers for the Farming and Mining industries).
  • Each Seat Cover is tailored to deliver a custom look and feel and built tough to withstand the most unforgiving conditions.
  • Ensure the lifespan of your original seats is prolonged for as long as possible.
  • Help increase the resale value to your vehicle.
  • Maintain the aesthetic appeal of your interior by utilising stain resistant covers which are easy to clean and made to be tough.
  • Black Duck Seat Covers maintain the highest safety compliance standards for seats with Seat-Fitted Airbags.
  • Made in Australia with manufacturing plants in Perth and Wangaratta in Victoria.
  • We ship to our customers direct from the Black Duck Factory.


Any seat fades and accumulates blemishes or stains over time, Black Duck durable Canvas or the new Denim seat covers, provide you with a peace of mind because your vehicle always looks good as well as returning that extra value at resale. Black Duck have exceptional products that serve as a genuine investment for your vehicle.


Black Duck Canvas Products have a long established a reputation for PREMIUM QUALITY HEAVY DUTY SEAT COVERS. Because of this reputation, Black Duck take their design, manufacturing and quality control measures very seriously and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Black Duck Seat Covers suitable for Toyota Landcruiser Utes RV, HZJ79, HZJ79, VDJ79, WORKMATE-GX-GXL, SINGLE CABS & DOUBLE CABS, we offer you a money back* guarantee, because Black Duck have confidence that their product will provide the best protection for your seats! * Conditions Apply.


Research and Development

Black Duck have been continually adjusting & modifying the composition of the Canvas as well as their manufacturing processes to achieve the necessary strength, comfort and style that Black Duck Seat Covers now provide.

The end result of all the research and development is that they now have a specifically modified blend of 12 oz (14oz proofed weight) cotton/polyester canvas, manufactured on state of the art machinery right here in Australia.

Max strength: The use of the right mix of Polyester (the strength component) means these seat covers have a very high strength rating and they are extremely durable and hard wearing and are suitable for  Toyota Landcruiser Utes RV, HZJ79, HZJ79, VDJ79, WORKMATE-GX-GXL, SINGLE CABS & DOUBLE CABS


Max Comfort: Several factors must be taken into account to give the maximum comfort without sacrificing the legendary durability. The cotton component is part of the secret that provides the comfort, another is the proofing process. This involves a special blend of modified waterproofing and rot proofing agents being impregnated into the fabric itself. It is a very critical process which involves treating and also ‘heat setting’ the canvas through the manufacturing process and it requires very close tolerances to achieve the correct desired results.

Some types of canvas are very harsh. The cotton mix and direction (the warp and the weft) is one of the key factors contributing to the comfort of Black Duck Seat Covers and as a result comfort is maintained for long periods.

Max water resistance: Once again, the cotton/ polyester mix and the treatment process has been refined over many years to come up with a water resistant product, which prevents stains on the seats from liquid spills. This also includes agents to prevent deterioration of the fabric structure from atmospheric effects, including the effects of UV radiation and mildew etc.

Max Breathability: Seats need to breathe or they become musty and lose their ‘new car’ smell. Black Duck Seat Covers keep your seats like new and increase your resale value of your vehicle. You will find them comfortable to sit on all year round – not hot and sweaty like vinyl.

Maximum Protection for you seats: Eliminate wear caused by sand, grit and dust that gets into everything, penetrates through cloth type seat covers and eats away at your seat trim and stitching. Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers are fully dust proof and completely eliminate grit and even fine dust, from damaging your vehicle seats.



Black Duck Denim Seat CoversBlack Duck Denim Denim Seat Covers

Introduced in 2015 you now have the choice of the tried and proven original Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers or the all new Black Duck Denim Seat Cover suitable for Toyota Landcruiser Utes RV, HZJ79, HZJ79, VDJ79, WORKMATE-GX-GXL, SINGLE CABS & DOUBLE CABS both with Black Duck's superior fit and quality, manufactured here in Australia. Denim covers are the same price as the canvas covers.

(simply select denim in the "Fabric & Colour Options" section)

Features of the new Black Duck Denim
  • Heavy duty twill fabric.
  • Water repellent.
  • Extra UV protection.
  • Layer of high-density foam for extra comfort.
  • A soft polyester net backing to protect your seats from wear.
  • Black Duck's Superior fit & quality
  • Only available in Grey or Black.
  • Map pocket's are included on bucket seats unless otherwise indicated.

So in effect Black Duck Denim product offers the same Black Duck quality as Black Duck Canvas but with extra style and extra comfort! Now with the development of its new product range, the number of Black Duck fans is set to grow. After all it makes sense. Black Duck Seat Covers whether your preference is canvas or denim, add style comfort and long-term protection to the seats in your Toyota Landcruiser Utes RV, HZJ79, HZJ79, VDJ79, WORKMATE-GX-GXL, SINGLE CABS & DOUBLE CABS.



Black Duck™ Canvas Products Air Bag Compatible Canvas Seat Covers have been dynamically tested by an approved testing authority and found not to adversely affect the performance of the manufacturers seat fitted side airbag and therefore the safety of the vehicles occupants will not be compromised, providing that the seat covers are fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, and that the seat covers have not been repaired or modified in any way.
As the Manufacturers and sellers of this product have no control over the end use or the fitment to the vehicle, to the extent allowable by law, the Manufacturers and sellers accept no responsibility or liability for any malfunction of the vehicle occupant safety systems including the seat mounted side impact airbag system as a direct or indirect result of the incorrect fitment or unauthorized repair or modification to this product.
The information contained on this page is general in nature and meant as a guide only you should always seek information from a qualified car dealer or mechanic as to what airbags are fitted to your vehicle.

Make sure you fit Black Duck Canvas or Denim Seat Covers to your Toyota Landcruiser Utes RV, HZJ79, HZJ79, VDJ79, WORKMATE-GX-GXL, SINGLE CABS & DOUBLE CABS. they are the Duck's Nuts in Seat Covers.

With over 1400 patterns its impossible to have an image of every Black Duck Seat Cover.
Standard Grey Seat-Airbag Certified Black Duck seat covers in Grey Canvas.
Standard Grey Seat-Airbag Certified Black Duck seat covers.
Black Canvas.
Black Canvas.
Optional reinforcing patches sewn onto seat base covers, drivers side only or driver and passenger side (passenger shown).
Image of Reinforcing patch sewn onto a passenger seat. 
Rear Bench seat cover in Grey Canvas. 
Grey Canvas 
Driver Bucket and Passenger 3/4 bench Grey Canvas. 
Standard Grey driver bucket and Passenger 3/4 bench Black Duck seat covers.
Image shows map pocket sewn onto the rear of most front drivers and passenger bucket seats in Grey Canvas. 
Image shows map pocket sewn onto the rear of most front drivers and passenger bucket seats in Grey Canvas.
Image shows rear bench seat with 60/40 split base and fold down armrest in Grey Canvas.
Image shows rear bench seat with 60/40 split base  and fold down armrest in Grey Canvas.
All functions of seat accessories are catered for including cup holders Grey Canvas shown.
All functions of seat accessories are catered for including cup holders Grey canvas shown.
Ford Transit Van.




Available in BLACK or GREY.

Bred for Strength and Comfort

Developed exclusively for Australian conditions by Black Duck Seat Covers, the Pioneers of Seat Protection, 4ELEMENTS is a fabric that will revolutionize the seat cover industry.

4Elements by Black Duck Seat Covers are tested to withstand tough conditions without compromising on comfort. Featuring a 19.2oz Cotton Twill Composite, this is a heavyweight product with a soft and flexible feel for the ultimate in seat protection. Made from a 100% waterproof fabric that is also machine washable (but without detergent) to keep your vehicle interiors in pristine condition – you won’t be disappointed!


 Black Duck's most advanced seat cover yet!

  • 19.2 oz Cotton Twill Composite
  • Heavy Duty Protection
  • 100% Waterproof Fabric
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Machine Washable (no detergent)
  • UV Resistant
  • Tailored fit for comfort and style
  • Available in Black or Grey 


You may already know that Black Duck manufacture the BEST premium quality Canvas or Denim Seat Covers for use in Australias harsh unforgiving conditions, now with the introduction of the all-new 4ELEMENTS seat cover fabric, Black Duck has set the bar even higher.

SIMPLY SELECT "4ELEMENTS"  in Black or Grey in our Fabric & Colour Selector.



Click on the image below to DOWNLOAD a large interactive image 

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Shipping, Warranties & Returns for Black Duck Products



  • Not all covers are in stock, Black Duck have more than 1400 patterns and 15 available fabric and colour combinations. Our experience in selling Black Duck covers online for more than four years shows that approximately 40% of orders need to be manufactured. Current manufacturing time is an awsome average of 8 days.
  • All orders are shipped direct to you from Black Duck via Star Track Overnight Express (Example: a customer in Mt Isa ordered at 2:00pm and received their covers at 10:00am next day)
  • We have a flat rate shipping charge of $18.00 per order INCLUDING INSURANCE. Australia wide.
  • Compare our prices, some companies offer free shipping then charge you for EXPRESS shipping with an additional charge for INSURANCE.
  • Immediately after a transaction you are emailed our Tax Invoice this email is headed with a request for you to click on a link to fill out our Seat Cover FormWe Guarantee you will get the correct covers for your vehicle if you fill out the form with correct information about your vehicle and the seat configuration.  YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE ACTIONED UNTIL THIS FORM IS FILLED OUT CORRECTLY.

Delivery Charges

Shipping in general is calculated at checkout, OUR Black Duck Seat Covers have EXPRESS DELIVERY as a standard. A delivery fee of $18.00 per order (WE ARE CURRENTLY  OFFERING FREE DELIVERY) whether for a single seat cover or a complete set of covers for a Bus to ANY location within Australia. We do not ship to addresses outside Australia. Miller Canvas reserves the right to change prices for delivery at any time.


Addresses & Shipping methods

Delivery is generally via Star Track Express. In most cases the article will have to be signed for. Our experience shows that the best delivery outcome is for the customer to provide a delivery address of a business they may be associated with where someone is present to accept your delivery and sign as proof of delivery between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

If no one is home to accept delivery and sign as proof of delivery the courier will leave a card advising for collection at the nearest Post Office or Startrack depot or agent extra charges may apply.


Delivery Times

All orders on this website are processed within 24 hours Monday to Friday. If there are any unforeseeable delays, you will be contacted by our sales team within 2 business days.

Orders will be delivered in approximately 2 - 10 business days.

Our courier cannot guarantee a specific delivery date or time. If no one is present to accept the delivery, a slip will be left in the mail box so that you can negotiate with the courier a suitable arrangement for final delivery or collection, if a redelivery or change of delivery address is required then the customer is liable for any further charges.

If your Product has not arrived after the estimated delivery time, please contact us via email



Please ensure you or someone appointed by you receives the article, inspect it and check the goods at the time of delivery.

The receipt of goods must be signed for by an adult. If there is any defect or damage, (this also includes visible damage to goods or property during the course of delivery), then you must address this with the courier and have it noted on the proof of delivery docket.

Title and risk of loss to all products will pass to you on delivery.


Products Damaged in Transit

Please contact us immediately via email: Please state your name and the invoice number provided to you by Miller Canvas and clearly outline the problem.

We will not accept liability for visible damage not reported within 7 days of receipt of goods.

NOTE: In case of any problems with your delivery, Miller Canvas will be in direct contact with the Black Duck and the carrier to resolve the issue as quickly as possible with as little inconvenience to you. We will make every effort to contact you and keep you informed of the progress of our investigation.


Seat Cover Returns & Refunds.

Miller Canvas reseves the right to refuse a return for refund, each case is decided upon merrit.

Returns will only be accepted if prior approval and a return reference form is given, the purchaser must contact us via email to within 7 days of delivery, with a complete detailed description of the issue, please include your Tax Invoice number.

All returned items (aside from warranties) must be:

  • Unused and in their original condition.
  • The Full set of covers as purchased.
  • Part of our Standard color range eg. grey, black or brown canvas or black or grey denim. Non-standard colour items cannot be returned
  • Accompanied by a Return Authorisation Form provided by us on approval of your Return Request Submission.
  • The customer is responsible for all return costs.
  • The customer must issue Miller Canvas with a tracking reference.
  • A full refund will be issued less our original shipping costs of $40.00 (Miller Canvas reserves the right to change these costs at any time)

If the item is not returned in as new condition in its original packaging along with all documentation, you may also be charged a restocking fee (to be determined upon inspection).

 Seat covers for older model (non-current model) vehicles, and change of mind issues will only be accepted for return at the discretion of Miller Canvas. This can be very costly, so please contact us to ask any questions about Black Duck seat covers. Miller Canvas will not refund items that have been misused, mishandled or incorrectly installed.

Black Duck 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Black Duck® Seat Covers, we offer you a full money
back* guarantee, because we have 100% confidence that our product will add value to your

*Terms & Conditions - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Black Duck® Seat Covers:

  • This warranty is given by Qualtarp Pty Ltd trading as Black Duck Seat Covers (“Black Duck”).
  • This warranty is valid for 12 months after purchase (“term of warranty”).
  • In order to claim this warranty, you must request a return form from our customer service staff, and the product must be sent to the address provided on the form together with proof of purchase within the term of warranty.
  • Black Duck will refund or replace the purchased product once it is received.
  • The purchaser must bear all costs associated with the delivery and return of the product to Black Duck. Black Duck may, in certain circumstances and entirely at its discretion, reimburse the purchaser for delivery costs incurred in returning the product to Black Duck for refund or replacement.
  • Black Duck accepts no responsibility for non-delivery of a product seeking to claim this warranty.
  • This warranty does not apply to Loose Fit, vinyl or fabric seat covers.

This warranty is in addition to rights and remedies available to you under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Please direct all warranty claims direct to Black Duck
Phone: 1800 803 825
Fax: 08 8723 6347


 In addition to manufacturers’ guarantees on selected products, Miller Canvas and its suppliers provide a guarantee of acceptable quality on every product, by law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure, and to compensation for other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality but the failure does not amount to a major failure.


Please Note: They may not be of the covers you are considering each seat has a cover custom designed to suit.

TYPICAL MOTORBIKE SEAT COVER - Custom designed for each seat.


IMAGE SHOWS A HONDA QUAD fitted with a separate tank cover and a separate seat cover, (note the handmuffs also available from Miller Canvas)

Image shows a Quad fitted with a separate tank cover and a separate seat cover. 



TYPICAL ATV COVER they are custom designed for each seat.

TYPICAL ATV COVER they are custom designed for each seat.


Canvas Seat Cover to suit YFM700 KODIAK 2016 – Current


ALL IN ONE PADDED CANVAS SEAT and TANK COVER to suit Honda XR 250 & 400 


Canvas Seat Cover to suit Ranger XP900 - P799Q1

Canvas Seat Cover to suit Ranger XP900 - P799Q1











CanAm UTV seat cover.







YFM450 KODIAK All-in-One padded seat and tank cover
YFM450 KODIAK All-in-One padded seat and tank cover


Heavy Duty Canvas Seat Cover to fit CF Moto X500 Farm Spec Someone in ORMEAU4208 bought a X500 Farm Spec CF MOTO from 2016 onwards Heavy Duty Canvas SEAT Cover 5 Hours ago.
Canvas Seat Covers to fit POLARIS 570 SPORTSMAN ATV Someone in Cherry Tree Hill bought a 570 SPORTSMAN POLARIS ATV 2014 onwards Heavy Duty Canvas Seat Cover 3 days ago.
Heavy Duty Canvas Seat Cover to fit HONDA TRX420FM FOURTRAX ATV Someone in CLARENCE TOWN bought a TRX420FM FOURTRAX HONDA ATV 2007 - 2013 Heavy Duty Canvas Seat Cover 4 days ago.