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Black Duck™ Seat Covers to fit Nissan UD Trucks, CW Series/MK/PK including mk5, MK6, PK9, PK10 and PK11 as well as from 2011+ MEDIUM DUTY CONDOR MK 11 250, MK 11 280 AND CONDOR PK 16 250, PK 16 280, PK 17 280. We offer colour selection, the largest range & the best prices in Australia. Save when you shop with Miller Canvas for Canvas or Denim seat covers to fit Nissan UD Trucks. Black Duck™ seat covers are Australia's toughest, best fitting and most popular seat cover, backed by Black Duck's 12 month warranty. Now you have the choice of the tried and proven original Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers or the all new Black Duck Denim Seat Covers both with Black Duck's superior fit and quality, ideal for your Nissan UD Truck, manufactured in Australia. SIMPLY SEARCH FOR YOUR PARTICULAR SEATS & SELECT DENIM AS AN OPTION IN THE COLOUR SELECTOR. Denim covers are the same price as the canvas covers and are available in Grey & Black. Now you are able to select fabric and colour for Black Duck Canvas seat covers to fit Nissan UD Trucks CW, MK, PK Condor from

Black Duck make seat covers to fit the following models.


MK Series, PK Series & CW Series. Years included are 2003, 2004, 2005,2006, 2007, 2008.

2008+ MK AND PK SERIES, MK5, MK6, PK9, PK10.

2011+ MEDIUM DUTY CONDOR MK 11 250, MK 11 280 AND CONDOR PK 16 250, PK 16 280, PK 17 280

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