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L10 Motor assembly powered by the Smart Drive / ODS Control 10 & E-Port Controllers OEM Part # 15.121.000, with 2m of cable & 2 x mounting screws..


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Select an Axle Adaptor if converting from a strap control or old Mech 10 motor.
You will need an axle insert if converting from strap control or upgrading from the old Mech 10 motor.
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RSL10 15.121.000

Ozroll LogoMiller Canvas is an authorized Ozroll Distributor for genuine Ozroll roller shutter components & parts, including the low voltage Ozroll L10 15.121.000 motor assembly powered by the Smart Drive / ODS Control 10 & E-Port Controllers

Ozroll L 10 motor assembly





Part # 15.121.000 ODS L-10

2 Year Warranty.

The L10 is designed to fit in the Hood End Plate, rather than inside the axle like other motors. Mounted to the end plate via two mounting holes located at the front.

The L10 is housed in tough die-cast aluminum housing and is supplied with 2m of cable attached with spade connectors also attached, that connects to the wall plate. (5m is the maximum length of cable permitted).

The L10 is suitable to most Hood End plates 160mm and above.

Technical Specifications - e-series L10

Nominal Torque: 10Nm
No Load Speed: 16rpm
Max Operating Current: 3.6 Amps
Nominal Voltage: 12 volts
Internal End Stop Limits: 18 turns (in other words the motor turns 18 revolutions then stops automatically it can then be operated to turn in the other direction and stops after 18 revolutions).

The Ozroll L10 Has A Maximum Lifting Capacity of 16kg

Curtain weight: 1sq mtr = 4kg = 4square meter of shutter (for example, 2000mm x 2000mm window maximum) or any other combination that equals 4 square metres or less.


You may be replacing an old Mech 10 Motor (pictured below on the RH Side) these are no longer available and have been superseded by the L10 motor (pictured below on the LH Side) NOTE THE WORDING ON THE STICKERS, THEY ARE EASY TO IDENTIFY.



If replacing the old Mech 10 motor you will need one of the axle adapters below, as well as a Red Axle Insert, for the Idler end on a 50mm round aluminum axle.



Axle Adapters 50 mm Round is the most common.

Click to enlarge


Red Axle Insert with bearing (below) goes on the opposite end to the motor.

NOTE: IF RETROFITTING from Strap control or Mech 10 and using a new Red Axle Insert (below) the 50mm round axle cut length is box width os-os less 96mm.

Red Axle Insert

 Note the white and black sticker/labels on the two motors below RH side says "SMART MECH 10"  LH side says "ODS - L10". The MECH 10 is now superseded and no longer available the ODS - L10 is the replacement but you will need the adapters listed above.


THIS IS A LOW VOLTAGE 12V System it is relatively easy for a handyman to achieve a motor changeover or retrofit, download the instructions "Click Here" 




Once the motor is installed and working, before engaging the axle and shutter curtain to the motor - run the motor in the downward direction until it stops itself, this may take some time as the motor limits are set at 18 revolutions for shutters up to 3m in height. (In simple terms the motor counts the number of revolutions and stops at a predetermined count of 18) Press the down button again to ensure its fully down, then simply insert the axle into the motor by aligning the spline on the axle adapter, rotate the axle so that the back of the top curtain slats sit against the back of the box.

  Resistance causes the motor to stop on the way up (at the top) this is achieved by using stops in the shutter guide. Basically, the controller senses a large change in current draw and turns the motor off. This means there are no limit settings required during installation.

HANDY HINTS to achieving a successful changeover:

1) The shutter curtain must be all the way down and the axle exposed.

Firstly ensure your controller is sufficiently charged or use a controller from a window you know is working.

  • Press the down button multiple times until the curtain is down (it may only move a few mm at a time).
  • If you get no movement pressing the down button, have someone outside hit the end of the headbox where the motor is with a rubber mallet or hammer with a block of wood whilst the down button is pressed (this seems to sometimes be enough for the brushes to make contact for short intervals).

2) Once the curtain is down if you can't rotate the axle.

To access all pop rivets securing the idler end you may have to cut through the old Mech 10 tube insert assembly immediately at the end of the axle (NOT THE AXLE).

3) Pulling out the 12v wiring.




The wiring cable may pass through some very small holes and pass around tight metallic (Aluminium) corners. If its a standard installation as recommended by Ozroll the wire loom exits the headbox and passes down a cavity in the roller shutter guide track (found on each side of the roller shutter) then exits the leg guide at a point level with the controller mount inside the house, and passes through the wall, sometimes through holes with only 8-10mm in diameter.

  • Inside the house remove the plastic controller mounting cradle from the wall and disconnect the wiring by detaching the spade terminals. CONSULT WITH A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN if you have any doubt about the system.
  • Tie some strong string to the cable ends where spade terminals are I use builders string doubled and looped (see image below).

  • Tightly cover with electrical tape but ENSURE the overall diameter is no larger than the black plastic sheath covering the red and black wires and ENSURE the whole winding remains flexible (don't wind too much tape.).
  • Pull as much wire from the wall as possible and lubricate with CRC or silicone spray.
  • Go outside and find where the wire exits the headbox and apply liberal amounts of CRC etc. down the hole if exiting into the curtain guide track.
  • Pull the wiring out, you may need someone inside giggling the wire whilst attempting to remove.
  • It may be necessary to partially remove the screws securing the guide track to access the wire and feed it around the corner.
  • Simply reverse the process to install the wiring.

4) 50 mm Round Axle cut length and keyway

  • If you are retrofitting from an old strap control or old Mech 10 motor and using the red axle insert the axle cut length is Hood Box outside to outside measurement LESS 96mm.
  • A 25 x 4mm slot will need to be cut lengthways into the motor end of the axle to accommodate a key on the black plastic axle adapter.



5) Before engaging the axle and shutter curtain to the motor 

  1. Test for correct motor direction when pressing controller buttons if incorrect simply swap wires on the controller.
  2. Run the motor in the downward direction until it stops itself, this may take some time as the motor limits are set at 18 revolutions (in simple terms the motor counts the number of revolutions and stops at a predetermined count of 18)
  3. Simply insert the axle into the motor by aligning the spline on the axle adapter with the female spline receptor in the motor, correct alignment is when the back of the top curtain slats sit against the back of the box a security measure so that the top of the curtain engages with 2 x slat cut offs fixed at the top of the back of the box.
  4. The straps which connect the curtain to the roller should not wind beyond any comfortable position (slightly bent is allowable)
  5. The top stop is automatic and does not need setting. The curtain is physically stopped from winding all the way into the top box by a black plastic "V" Stopper on each end of the bottom rail, the controller on the wall notes a large change in current draw and turns off the lifting circuit.

 TEST  by running the shutter through several up and down cycles, if successful reinstall the Hood Box cover. that's it your done.

Nothing to hard for the man that runs this business. This along with prompt delivery and product (L10 Shutter Motor) as described and works great.
Ordered a replacement OZRoll motor for my blind that has been continually failing and needing a 'specialist' to come out to repair - decided to give it a try myself - Ordered on Monday - Received on Wednesday and successfully installed and fixed. Couldn't be happier with the prompt service & clear instructions - Thanks
Thank you so much for the very quick postage of the ozroll motor.
It arrived yesterday afternoon, is now fitted & the roller blind is work fine.
I would happily recommend your business.
Thanks again Allan
Everything was as described. The motor came with clear instructions and the shutter is working fine again.
I even purchased replacement batteries, E Port controllers and conversion plates x 2, they work like a dream as well
Really Happy with the service and products, would recommend them in a heartbeat!!
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